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Irreverent, Enlightening Comedians & Funny Spiritual Teachers:


Wisdom of the Ages

If you thought Universal timeless truth could not get any more relevant and humorous, you are in for a surprise! Vaishali’s books, “The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing”, “Wisdom Rising”, and “You Are What You Love”, will rock your world. Vaishali, who has healed herself from terminal illness twice without western medicine, prescription drugs or surgeries, shares natural health tips and spiritual practices that will improve you health and your mindset in ways that are practical, fun and easy to implement.

Vaishali is a columnist for the The Huffington Post, Beliefnet,, The Dr. Oz Radio Show, and Vaishali has taught at the Omega Institute, Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and the Learning Annex. Her God-given gift is the ability to see and communicate what a person’s life purpose is, to open your eyes, and to make you laugh.


The Founder of Laughter Yoga

Dr. Madan Kataria, an MD from Mumbai, India popularly known as the ‘Guru of Giggling’ (London Times), is the founder of Laughter Yoga Clubs movement started in 1995. Laughter Yoga, a unique exercise routine that combines group laughter exercises with yoga breathing which allows anyone to laugh without using jokes, humor or comedy. It has grown from 5 people in a park in Mumbai into a worldwide movement of more than 6000 Laughter Yoga clubs in over 60 countries.

Spreading rapidly in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, South East Asia, China and Africa, Laughter Yoga has been widely covered by prestigious publications like the TIME magazine, National Geographic, and the Wall Street Journal and featured on CNN, BBC, US networks and the Oprah Winfrey Show.


Irreverent Comedy & Healing

A standup comedian, actor, solo performer, and director, Katie Rubin realized five years ago that she was meant to attend become a sufi healer. Last June, she graduated from The University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism where she gained the skills to be a Master Spiritual Healer, treating emotional, spiritual, physical, psychological challenges. Her third solo show, “My Spiritual Death, a Comedy Show!” is currently touring the country.

Katie is fascinated by how can we use our time on the stage to more deeply and directly bring healing love and light to the people of the world. Theater and comedy act as a mirror through which society sees itself. She believes that now is the time to directly channel healing light through the words we say on stage.


Wake Up Laughing

Steve Bhaerman is an internationally known author, humorist, and workshop leader. For the past 25 years, he has written and performed as Swami Beyondananda, the "Cosmic Comic." Swami's comedy has been described both as "comedy disguised as wisdom" and "wisdom disguised as comedy." Noted author Marianne Williamson has called him “The Mark Twain of our generation.”

Since 2005, Steve has written a political blog with a spiritual perspective, Notes From the Trail. His latest book, written with cellular biologist Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here (Hay House, 2009).


Making Light

Alicia started performing at age 18. She graduated from Hampshire College with a degree in standup comedy-–yes, comedy. Mentored by several talented comedians over the years, Eugene Mirman (Flight of the Conchords), W. Kamau Bell (Totally Biased, FX, HBO), and Bill Santiago (Comedy Central, CNN), she’s been knocking audiences out (not literally) at clubs like The Improv and Gotham Comedy Club, in San Francisco, New York, Hollywood, Bombay, Chennai, and London.

She’s been racking up awards for her humorous, insightful one-woman shows, "Eat, Pray, Laugh!" and "The Oy of Sex". Sold-out hit shows and extended runs have garnered her shows “Best Storyteller” -Off-Broadway NY Solo Festival, “Best of the Fringe” “Best Female Solo Show”, -SF Fringe Festival, “Best Local Comedian” -East Bay Express and more. Alicia leads transformational humor workshops, and coaches visionaires one-on-one to bring lightness into their lives and the lives of large groups of people.


Saint Misbehavin'

Wavy Gravy, Hugh Romney, who is officially into his geezerhood, is more active and effective than ever. He once stood on the stage of the original Woodstock concert as an entertainer/activist member of the commune known as the Hog Farm, and announced… What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000!”

But Mr. Gravy (as he’s known to readers of the New York Times) has expanded his activities over the past four decades to include codirectorship (with his wife, Jahanara) of Camp Winnarainbow, and the organization of all-star rock concerts to raise money for a variety of environmental, progressive, political, and charitable causes, most notably Seva, a foundation he cofounded in 1978, initially to combat preventable and curable blindness in the Third World.

He may be best known to millions as a cosmic cut-up and the inspiration for a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor – “I am an activist clown and former frozen dessert.” Wavy says, "Some people tell me I’m a saint, I tell them I’m Saint Misbehavin." (Which is also the title of a new documentary about him.)


As Dr. Serenity Hawkfire

Dr. Serenity Hawkfire is here to change your life on a cellular level. She is a gifted tax intuitive, a tantric sex instructor, a psychic songologist, a licensed animal coach and a certified colon cleanser and fecologist.
Dr. Hawkfire also the creator of Prana Yummies – delicious high fiber bites that give you the kick in the pants you’ve been needing! She is also the author of the popular self help book, Beyond Being, the only entirely blank book in print (audio version also available.)


The Ocean of Jewish Humor

A storyteller and stand-up comedian (he is co-editor of "The Big Book of Jewish Humor"), Reb Moshe, brings many years of deep and eclectic experiences as his synagogue’s spiritual leader in Boston, MA. Educated in a Yiddish-speaking yeshiva and holding a doctorate in Jewish intellectual history, Reb Moshe taught at Wellesley, Hebrew College and Brandeis before receivings micha, or post-denominational ordination, by his mentors, Rabbis Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Arthur Green and Everett Gendler.

His Jewish spiritual practices have been deeply influenced by his meditation teacher, Sylvia Boorstein. In 1989, Reb Moshe was instrumental in arranging the first meeting between the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama (which means, literally, Ocean of Wisdom). This encounter led to the historic “Jew in the Lotus” trip to Dharamsala, India in the fall of 1990 and Reb Moshe’s continued involvement in Jewish-Buddhist Dialogue. In 2008, he was chosen by Newsweek as a top 25 pulpit Rabbi in the US.


Transcendental Comedy

Laura House is a stand-up comic and TV writer who became a meditation teacher. She co- wrote & -starred on an MTV show called “Austin Stories.” This break brought her out to LA. She did a lot of stand up, acted, performed & directed sketch comedy at the Acme Comedy Theater, and wrote on some sit-coms, like ‘George Lopez’ and ‘Samantha Who?’ & ‘Mad Love.’

Somewhere along the way, Laura noticed that she didn’t feel quite right. Like, dissatisfied. Inside. She found Vedic Meditation. It really worked. As in, it made her feel better. She kept doing it, took some classes, then much to her surprise, ended up going to India, and studying with her meditation teacher and, well, now she teaches it. And continues do write and perform comedy in LA.


Recovery Comedy

Mark Lundholm has performed in all 50 states and 10 foreign countries. From world-renowned musicians, heads of state, fortune 500 companies to rehabilitation centers and convicted felons, Mark has truly entertained on the world's stage. He's appeared on Comedy Central, Showtime, A&E, CBS, and NBC. Mark wrote and performed his own one-man show off-Broadway in New York City reaching critical acclaim.

One thing is clear about Mark Lundholm - he's not slowing down anytime soon. With a new DVD series slated for this year, a book due out 2011 and a television series in development, there are plenty more laughs coming from this entertainer.

Vanda Mikoloski

Enlighten Up Comedy

What brought Vanda Mikoloski back into comedy, now 'Quantum Comedy' after teaching yoga for 9 years? It was LA Comic Rick Overton and Elaine Hendrix, of the film "What the Bleep Do We Know", encouraged Vanda to develop a new act. Bill Maher, a former boyfriend from her days as a comedian in NY says, "Vanda is superbly smart and funny … funny and smart … both of those."

Vanda has appeared at the 'What the Bleep' conferences and as the film's warmup act, as it premieres in major cities in the US and Canada. Wherever she plays, Vanda’s intent, and her passion, is to accomplish more than make people laugh, she wants to make them think and wonder, about our nature, our divinity and duplicity. There’s wisdom in her act, sugar-coated with laughter.


Spiritually Incorrect

Alan Clements was the first American to ordain as a Buddhist monk in Burma where he lived in a monastery during the 1970s and 1980s. During this time he trained in Buddhist psychology and insight (vipassana) meditation with two of the most respected meditation teachers of the modern era, the Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw, and his successor, Sayadaw U Pandita.

In 1984, Clements was forced to leave the monastery by Burma's dictatorship, with no reason given. Subsequently, he returned to the US, and as an independent worldwide dharma teacher. And his efforts on behalf of oppressed peoples led a former director of Amnesty International to call Alan "one of the most important and compelling voices of our times." Alan's book, "Instinct for Freedom" details his thirty-year long "search for truth and freedom " - from the sacredness of monastic silence deep into the dark heart of war zones.

Alan is a political and spiritual satirist, and performs his monologue, "Spiritually Incorrect: In Defense of Being, Human," to audiences around the world, as benefits to raise awareness of Aung San Suu Kyi and her country's struggle for freedom. Clements has been interviewed on ABC's Nightline, CBS Evening News, Talk to America, CBC, VOA, BBC, and by the New York Times, London Times, Time and Newsweek magazines, Yoga Journal, Conscious Living, and more.


At the start of every show!!

“Om! Wow! Be here now!”

Taking their message of inner peace to schools, nightclubs, eco-conferences and Las Vegas concerts, the Shamanic Cheerleaders have found a niche cheering for everybody’s soul. Their tongue-in-cheek performances poke fun at the best of Bay Area New Ageism, from the raw foodies to the sacred geometry groups to the ayurveda followers. But underneath the jokes is a serious intention to raise eco-consciousness and find enlightenment by making everyone feel like a winner.

“We take big concepts within Buddhism, shamanism, Hinduism and the environmental movement, and we teach them down in a cheer that’s peppy and catchy,” says founder Rana Satori, 35. “When we cheer it’s like a compassionate smack on the astral plane.” -SF Gate


Crazy Wisdom

Wes “Scoop” Nisker is an author, radio commentator, Buddhist meditation teacher, and performer. His most recent book is entitled Crazy Wisdom Saves the World Again! Other titles include The Big Bang, The Buddha, and the Baby Boom, the newly edited version of his national bestseller, Essential Crazy Wisdom, and Buddha’s Nature. Mr. Nisker is also the founder and co-editor of the international Buddhist journal Inquiring Mind. For over 35 years, Mr. Nisker has worked in the media, winning the Billboard Magazine, Columbia School of Journalism, and San Francisco Media Alliance awards for excellence. Mr. Nisker has studied Buddhist meditation for over three decades with teachers in Asia and America, and for the past 20 years has been leading his own retreats in Buddhist insight meditation and philosophy, internationally. He teaches regularly at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Esalen Institute in California.


Quarter Life Crisis

LA-based comedian, writer, and actress, Sarah regularly performs comedy at The Laugh Factory, Improv, The Comedy Store, New York's Gotham Theater and many other venues in LA. Most recently Sarah has been touring around the country opening for Craig Shoemaker and opening for Dr. Wayne Dyer in his You Can Do It seminar in Pasadena as well as his PBS Special aired in March 2012. She was also selected to roast Hugh Hefner when he received a "Life Time Achievement" award from the LA Press Club. You can currently catch Sarah in SHOWTIME'S new original series REALITY SHOW.


Bridging the Woo-Woo & the Ha Ha

Best known for his engaging, relatable standup and his iconic baritone-voiced character, “The Lovemaster”, Craig has had several successful solo TV stand-up specials, co-starred in numerous films, hosted popular network TV shows, written two children’s books and performed for four U.S. Presidents. ‘Dr. Shoe’ has a doctorate degree from Cal U of PA, is an ordained minister.

Craig’s latest 90 minute standup special, “Daditude” premiered prime time on SHOWTIME this year. “Shoemaker is insightful and amusing…we are moved beyond laughter to tears,” says the Los Angeles Times. His Lovemaster routine remains honored as the “Most Popular” on XM. The Laugh it Off! podcast is at an impressive #35 on iTunes.

He has shared the screen with luminaries like Will Smith, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Martin and Samuel L Jackson. His very first Comedy Central show was voted by viewers as one of the “Top 20″ stand-up specials of all time. His second, “Unzipped” was on the Billboard Top 20 for 6 weeks.

In 2003 he founded, a nonprofit group dedicated to using laughter as a healing modality.


The Spiritual Dr. Seuss

Scott Kalechstein Grace, known as the Spiritual Dr. Seuss, is a speaker, singer, poet, comedian, and author. As a stand-up comedian, Scott has opened up for the likes of Robin Williams and Dana Carvey. A pioneer in the field of intuitive song, Scott is known for his unique ability to spontaneously create songs for individuals or groups, about any topic presented.

After college, Scott did much spiritual searching, which led him to A Course In Miracles, psychotherapy, the 12 Steps, a plethora of self-improvement workshops, rebirthing, meditation, and other activities of self-discovery. He began to write songs about personal and planetary transformation.

He has performed at the talks and workshops of leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Alan Cohen, Byron Katie, Jack Canfield, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and Barbara DeAngelis, and also conducts a variety of workshops of his own. And that is what Scott's music, his message and his life are about, living from the heart.

Ed Crasnick

Self Help Comedy

Ed is an Emmy winning writer and a creator, performer, producer and development exec who created Self Help Comedy. You may have seen him on or run into him in the hallways of: Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Sopranos, Just Shoot Me, Ellen, Dr. Katz, Conan, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Dancing with The Stars, Win Ben Stein's Money, The MTV Movie and Video Awards, Waiting For Woody, Fired, Antz, a critically acclaimed solo show "I'm Not Perfect", radio shows in LA and San Francisco and many more. During that time; he has experienced therapists, shaman, psychics, chiropractors, astrologers, communication experts, mediation teachers and healers to beat the band. If you take his background in entertainment and enough self help to power the milky way, you get a man who has to do something called Self Help Comedy.
Ed was a writer/show producer on the new sitcom "After Lately" with Chelsea Handler and worked with Ryan Seacrest to create an original daily syndicated entertainment report. He has hosted on Television, radio and now does a weekly talk/variety show about people in comedy called This Week in Comedy. He is also the co-creator of the sitcom "The Writers Room" for Sony.
Ed lives by the beach in LA with his wife and daughter, where he drinks coffee and worries.

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“Seriousness is one of the biggest causes of truth decay on the planet.”
-Swami Beyondananda


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About the Host, Alicia Dattner:

“I’ve been on a raw food diet for two weeks… and I’m a little upset today,
because I just found out the diet doesn’t include cookie dough.”
-Alicia Dattner

Hiya. When I was a kid, I was really silly. I mean, really silly. I once went to a funeral and got the giggles. At 18, I started doing standup comedy, and I made a lot of people laugh for a lot of years. I’ve been touring the world, selling out my one-woman shows (Eat, Pray, Laugh!, The Oy of Sex, The Punchline), and getting voted things like “Best Comedian” in the SF Weekly, “Best Storyteller” in the NY United Solo Festival, “Best of the Fringe” in the San Francisco Fringe Festival. But I wanted to create something even deeper. So I made this.

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“The whole of life is a great cosmic joke. Take it seriously, and you will go on missing it.
It is only understood through laughter.”



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