spiritual cleansing

Rinse, Pray, and Repeat as necessary.


All Your Shows are Here:

Wes Wes “Scoop” Nisker: Crazy Wisdom – 1/29/13


Vaishali LoveVaishali Love: The Importance of Being Spiritually Wild – 1/31/13


Vanda MikoloskiVanda Mikoloski: Quantum Comedy – 2/5/13


shamaniccheerleaders copyRana Satori: Creating Shamanic Cheer – 2/7/13


Rabbi Moshe WaldoksRabbi Moshe Waldoks: The Spiritual Power of Jewish Humor – 2/12/13


Scott GraceScott Grace: Conscious, Valentine’s Day Vibration-Raising Comedy – 2/14/13


Suzanne Falter Barns as Dr. Serenity Hawkfire“Dr. Serenity Hawkfire” (AKA Suzanne Falter), Pranic Yummies – 2/19/13


Swami_Beyondananda“Swami Beyondananda” (AKA Steve Bhaerman), Wake Up Laughing – 2/21/13


Laura_HouseLaura House, Spiritual Smartass – 2/28/13


Wavy GravyWavy Gravy, Saint Misbehavin’ – 3/3/13


KatieRubinKatie Rubin,  Irreverent Comedy, Reverent Healing Р3/5/13


alanclementsAlan Clements, Spiritually Incorrect – 3/7/13


Alicia_DattnerAlicia Dattner, Eat, Pray, Kvetch, Grow, Cry, Laugh – 3/12/13


Dr_Madan_Kataria2Dr. Madan Kataria, Founder of Laughter Yoga – 3/14/13


Sarah SweetSarah Sweet, Quarter-Life Crisis Comedy – 3/19/13


craig shoemaker comedianCraig Shoemaker, Bridging the Woo-Woo and the Ha-Ha – 3/21/13


Comedian Ed CrasnickEd Crasnick, Self-Help Comedy – 3/26/13


sarahseidelmann headshotSarah Bamford Seidelmann, Follow Your Feelgood – 6/29/13
Karen_Rontowski_491F2Karen Rontowski, Comedy and Beyond… – 7/6/13
34402_442313336858_753041858_5218470_6526100_nErik Passoja, Spiritual Comic – 7/13/13
Nadia-Bolz-WeberNadia Bolz-Weber, Sarcastic Lutehran – 7/20/13
carriesnowCarrie Snow, I Got Your Namaste Right Here – 7/20/13

Your FEATURE-LENGTH comedy shows:

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Your two bonus classes:

(Access reserved for Divine Laughter Club Members)

Plus these awesome gifts:

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Thank you for supporting an incredibly solid organization, the Pachamama Alliance. This non-profit is working to empower indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture and, using insights gained from that work, to educate and inspire people everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just, and sustainable world. Cool, huh?


The Pachamama Alliance



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