Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – we’re here to help!

Have a question? Please check here first! If you can’t find your answer here or it doesn’t solve your problem, please contact us at yes[-@-], and we will do what we can to help.

Q: I want to join The Divine Laughter Club and get downloadable mp3s, plus the comedy shows, bonus shows, laughter meditations, and more. How do I do that?

A: Just go to the welcome page at, and you can register there anytime.

Q: What the heck is an online/virtual festival?

A: It’s an event that happens over a period of several weeks around a particular topic. In this case, we have 17 comedians and teachers sharing their humor and bringing lightness to the world. If you miss a show, you can listen via the web for 48 hours after they happen. Divine Laughter Club Members can listen via the web anytime and also download and own the shows “forever”. It’s all audio (no video), so you can listen to these shows on your commute, during a workout, or while skydiving.

Q: I registered, but haven’t received an email with all of the show details. What’s up?

  1. Please check your spam box, to make sure it didn’t go there. If you don’t find it, simply re-register again; should you have a different email address, try that as well (some default spam systems never even let it get to you). If you still don’t receive an email confirming your registration, please email us at the above address.
  2. Please also ensure that you have added our email address to your contacts & ‘whitelisted’ us, so that you can continue to receive our updates.
  3. Alternatively, if you have arrived at this page without registering, please go to to register for FREE! You will receive a confirmation email, along with your link to access the replays of all of the shows.

A: How do I see the Show page, so that I can listen to the free replays?

Within a few hours after each show (sometimes a bit more), the free replay page will have the show posted. We hate email clutter so we’re NOT going to send you an email letting you know the show has been posted online. Just go to the replay page a few hours after the live show ends.

Q: I’m not in the Pacific time zone. How can I tell what time the live show will be at where I am?

A: Click the following link to convert 3:00 pm PST to your time zone:

Q: I can’t access the replay of the interview / I can’t see the media player.

A: Are you using Internet Explorer? So far, it seems to be the main problem. If so, please try another browser such as Chrome (great), Firefox (best), or Safari (good).

The other main issue particularly seems to be with Mac computers, with not being Javascript-enabled. Make sure in your internet browser preferences that Java and Javascript are enabled, and see if that helps.

Another good thing to do is to delete the cookies on your browser–that’s helped at least one of our participants.

We would also recommend you update your flash player from the site: . Once that is up to date, it may simply take a page reload or a browser restart to get the page to work correctly.

Beyond that, it could also be a problem with the computer itself, as various anti-virus, anti-spyware software, and browser plugins or toolbars can be a bit “overprotective” of your computer, or a problem with the internet connection, since certain proxy and firewall settings can cause issues.

Q: I no longer wish to receive email communications.

A: No problem – we’re here to bring lightness into the world, and support you in living a truer, more joyful existence. At the very end of every email we send, there is a link that says ‘Unsubscribe.” That will automatically remove you from our database, and you need not contact us directly. Done!

Q: I’m in The Divine Laughter Club, but my password for the private page doesn’t work.

A: It’s case-sensitive, so be sure to copy it directly, and it should not include any punctuation or spaces. The password is also included in all replay reminder emails.

Q: Thank you so much with your patience with these issues or others that arise – we’ve worked hard to craft this experience for you, and hope all can be resolved easily. If your questions still aren’t answered, of course be in touch. We also appreciate hearing from you about how The Spiritual Comedy Festival has impacted you! Our email address is: yes (at) .

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