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With your free registration, you can listen to 3 of our awesome and funny shows. You’re welcome!

And for those of you who are ready to laugh your way to en-lightenment (“lighten” is right there in the name), keep reading to learn about The Divine Laughter Club.  The greatest comedy club without a 2 drink minimum.



Want even MORE laughter?
Check out The Divine Laughter Club!

Ready to make a resolution that it’s time for joy and lightness to be a bigger part of your life? Join and receive the following (while saving the rainforest!):

audio 23 Downloadable recordings of the spiritual comedy shows! So you won’t worry if you miss them live, and you’ll have them in your personal collection until you ascend and no longer need physical objects.

movie 4 Feature-length videos of our comedians! Wes Nisker: Crazy Wisdom; Vanda Mikoloski: Enlighten Up!; Katie Rubin: My Spiritual Death; Alicia Dattner: Eat, Pray, Laugh!

gifts6 Transformational gifts! Laughter Meditation, Joke-Writing 101, eBook: The Importance of Being Spiritually Wild, The Spiritual Smartass Book, and more.

star1 bonus class on manifesting through laughter! Only Divine Laughter Club Members will have access to an extra classes with our funny, brilliant teacher, Andy Dooley.

worldMembership to a private Facebook group with our speakers! Connect with all of our comedians & teachers, and get to know and get to know fun & spiritual movers and shakers.

TOTAL VALUE OF ALL GIFTS: $448. Usual price $97.
But you can join the laughter club today only for $67.


You’ll get these 4 FEATURE-LENGTH comedy movies!



Comedy Show # 1:
Crazy Wisdom Saves the World AGAIN

A gift from Wes “Scoop” Nisker ($25 value):

Internationally known Buddhist meditation teacher Wes Nisker is also an accomplished and hilarious performer. This show makes me laugh out loud from deep in my belly. Enjoy!

Comedian Katie Rubin


Comedy Show # 2:
My Spiritual Death

A gift from Katie Rubin ($25 value):

Comedian and Sufi healer Katie Sabira Rubin will share with you her incredibly funny comedy show about the spiritual search and the human condition.

Comedian Vanda Mikoloski


Comedy Show # 3:
Enlighten UP!

A gift from Vanda Mikoloski ($25 value):

Funny Meditation from the only smoking yoga teacher I know. Vanda has been a pioneer in spiritual comedy, studied in the mystery schools, and will crack you up with her absolutely outrageous feature-length comedy show.

Alicia Dattner


Comedy Show # 4:
Eat, Pray, Laugh!

A gift from Alicia Dattner ($25 value):

Host & Creator of The Spiritual Comedy Festival and comedian Alicia Dattner has won “Best of the Fringe”, “Best Comedian” “Best Storyteller” and “Best Solo Act” awards for her one-woman shows. Eat, Pray, Laugh! chronicles her hilarious travels across India.

The Club also includes these two bonus classes!

Metaphysical Comedian Andy Dooley


From FEAR to FUNNY in 180 Minutes!

A bonus show AND gift with Andy Dooley ($30 value):

Plus, From Fear to Funny 2 CD audio Overcome your fear and learn to be funny? Vibration activation coach and metaphysical comedian Andy Dooley will share about the power of humor as a tool for self-expression in business and in life! He is a firecracker!

Plus these awesome gifts:

Alicia Dattner


Joke-Writing 101: Alicia Makes it Easy!

A gift from Alicia Dattner ($25 value):


Comedian and co-host of the popular podcast, “Laugh it Off” Sarah Sweet brings you a mini joke-writing course: a step-by-step, easy way to write jokes. It’s easier than you think! Learn how to heal yourself and others by expressing any feeling in the form of humor.



The Importance of Being Spiritually Wild

A gift from Vaishali ($18 value):

These Three recordings from Vaishali not only highlight the power of humor, but they also are very powerful transmissions from a very deep healer. Vaishali, having healed herself from cancer twice, has tapped into a wealth of light energy and these recordings bring some of that to you. You’ll receive Laughing Matters, Standup Spiritual Teachers, and The Importance of Being Spiritually Wild.

Shamanic Cheerleaders


11 Funny Shamanic Cheers to Rock Your Day

A gift from Rana Satori & The Shamanic Cheerleaders ($12 value):


“Om! Wow! Be Here NOW!” Rana Satori has chosen 15 of her best cheers and recorded them for you to put on your iPod, your phone, or your alarm clock; juice up your day with a cheer any time you need a pick-me-up-and-deliver-me-to-the-light!

Swami Beyondananda


The Insider’s Guide to Cosmic Comedy

A gift from Swami Beyondananda ($15 value):


This eBook from Swami Beyondananda offers a cosmic comic pick-me-up! Learn to wake up laughing and leave laughter in your wake. You’ll learn how to use cosmic comedy and healing laughter!

Comedian Laura House


I’m a Spiritual Smartass:
A Book on Vedic Meditation by a standup comic & TV comedy writer

A gift from Laura House ($20 value):

Comedian, TV writer, and Vedic meditation teacher Laura House is hilarious. Her eBook on humor and meditation will bring lightness into this very serious practice.


Usual price $97.

But you can join the club today only for $67.

Could you URGENTLY use a LAUGH? Want even more reasons to join? 

  • Laugh your butt off and experience these benefits of laughter:
    • release endorphins (quicker & easier than a runner’s high!)
    • increase resiliency and pain tolerance (so things hurt less and for less time!)
    • strengthen your immune system (take health days instead of sick days!)
    • increase memory and learning (stop forgetting what you forgot!)
    • reduce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline (ahhhhhhhh!)
    • improve alertness, creativity, and memory (feel human again!)

Why humor? Well, it’s a magical key that lets you:

  • Re-fill your “Well” and find the inward peace to power your mission in the world
  • Gain perspective and insight, and bring joy into relationships
  • Collect great jokes you can share with friends
  • Experience a new paradigm for personal growth: a path of ease and delight
  • Cut through “spiritual materialism” and truly learn how to connect to the light

I look forward to laughing with you!

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