Creative Visionary Trickster Playshop

Make Life Your Playground:


Blow Your Heart Open with Laughter & Humor

So You Can Finally Live Your Big Dreams

Alicia Dattner

Dear Creative Visionary Tricksters,

Ever walk down the street and see someone with an ear-to-ear smile, radiating joy and love, embodying the truth of who they are, no matter what others think, their eyes sparkling, as they spread good vibes with each foot step? They look so free, they might just flap their wings and ascend any moment? And even felt a bit of envy? This could be youThis is how it looks when we’re filled with the orgasmic energy of laughter and joy.

Are you ready to take your life from extraordinary to miraculous? To live the life of your dreams? For everything to be a heck of a lot more fun than it’s ever has been? I have a deep desire for you to join me for a 3-month inner game-changing group experience for people on the precipice of perpetual awesomeness… because it’s time to do this in community, surrounded by others who are doing it too!

Happy People!Laughter is Alchemical. It opens us to being alive.

This course is a spiritual warrior training for your inner visionary trickster, using humor & laughter as the tools for clearing, healing, and opening up (picture the Rocky montage, but you’re wearing a clown nose, and instead bounding through rubber tires, it’s rubber chickens). We’ll finally bust through and dissolve whatever’s hidden that’s holding you back from living your big, beautiful, crazy real dreams, out loud.

suzanne fried

“The sheer, raw joy you share inspires me and gives me hope to keep showing up in my life with my comedic gifts. Fabulous heart-centered love and humor shining through! I am honored to be a participant and also to be  part of a world that has such amazing gifts of levity, depth, wit, and wonder to revel in! Many thanks.” 

-Suzanne Fried, Wisdom Teacher, Author, Meditation Teacher, & Psychotherapist

This is totally for you if you want a more fun, easier way to:

Refuel & Refill your joy, your juiciness, and your passion (so relationships feel more alive)
Relieve stress, overwhelm, and over-thinking (so work feels more like play)
Reframe difficult situations into powerful perspectives (so obstacles transform into opportunities)
Remember & Re-awaken your inner wisdom child in your heart (so you have more to give)
Realize your brilliance and your beauty (so you can share your genius with the world)

Each month, you’ll master one Step to
Embodying your Inner Visionary Trickster:

Month One: Easing Your Way into Laughter / Laughing Your Way into Ease:

Deep bliss laughter to relax body & mind. Under stress, little is funny (or fun.) Laughter dissolves our emotional armor that keeps love out, and melts the defenses of others that keep them from feeling their love for us. When we’ve de-stressed, energy flows freely, and carries with it infinite possibility. Money, love, and health thrive when we live in possibility.


Month Two: Dancing with Difficulty:

Learning to Dance in the Rain instead of Survive the Storm.


Month Three: Finding Humor Anytime You Choose:

Here, we’ll learn to break the rules and speak the truths that liberate us and those around us. No more “shoulds” or “have to’s”. Deep diving into the ocean and coming up with your treasure.

boy with a clown nose

Are you aware taking yourself too seriously could actually cause you (and others) harm? Laughter and humor reverse that by:

•Enhancing learning, memory, & creativity
•Releasing endorphins (your body’s natural bliss hormones!)
Increasing physical & emotional tolerance to pain, resiliency, and immunity
Lowering stress hormones, like cortisol

 The Visionary Trickster Playshop:

A 3-Month, Make-Life-Your-Playground Redesign



PLUS this awesome BONUS:

A Live, 2-Day Weekend Playshop in Oakland, CA


  • Play, laugh, breathe, heal, vision, and create together as Alicia leads you in the 3-step process

  • Get physical & metaphysical alignments, from chiropractor & healer “Dr. Manifesto”

  • Learn the Sacred Fool Toolkit, from performer & clown Calypso Saliba

  • Connect & bond with your tribe of sacred tricksters to forward your work (play) in the world

2-Day Playshop value = $600 



“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”
– Plato


Testimonials from happy participants of Alicia’s other events:

sophierouse“It’s 9 years today since my beautiful mum passed, and Alicia’s comedy festival has really brightened up my days. Her attitude to life is infectious. I thank her so much for bringing joy and laughter into my life.”

-Sophie Rouse, Teacher, Peaceful Heart Yoga


tura franzen

“Alicia is energetic, entertaining, and funny!”

-Tura Franzen, Comedian


 martin“Humorous insights, broadening and lightening–maybe even enlightening–my perspective.”

-Martin Holsinger



About Creator Alicia Dattner

“You have to keep growing in life. If you don’t do anything to improve yourself, by the time you’re an adult, you become an exact combination of your mother and your father. If you do work on yourself… people can’t tell.”  -Alicia Dattner

Alicia helps very serious spiritual seekers to… lighten up. An internationally-acclaimed, award-winning comedian, her sold-out one-woman shows, Eat, Pray, Laugh!, The Oy of Sex, and The Punchline, have toured from New York to Bombay to London to Los Angeles. She recently won “Best Comedian 2013” in the SF Weekly Best of the Bay Reader’s Poll.

This year, she created The Spiritual Comedy Festival, an 8-week online event that featured Wavy Gravy, Craig Shoemaker, Swami Beyondananda, and many more spiritual teachers with a sense of humor, and comedians with a sense of Spirit. Alicia also loves working one on one with people to be funnier and have more fun in their lives.

“The whole of life is a great cosmic joke. Take it seriously, and you will go on missing it.
It is only understood through laughter.”

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